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Official Bioshock Infinite Merchandise now available at

Posted August 15, 2013 by Arty


Since the begining of Sanshee we've been huge and vocal Bioshock fans, so it is a tremendous honor for us to finally be working with Irrational Games on some official merchandise.

It's been a long time since our first "Welcome to Rapture" shirt, and we are looking forward to making some great things our fellow fans will enjoy!

So without further ado, the first part of our line for Bioshock Infinite:
(with much more coming on the way)

Murder of Crows Shirt starting at $19.99

Lutece Labs Shirt starting at $19.99

"Break the Chains" Shirt starting at $19.99

Vigor Pin Packs #1 and #2 at $4.99 per pack.


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This is great news.  Lots of vigors…more Columbia wear…bring us Elizabeth!

By jancal on August 22, 2013