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Skullgirls Cinema Posters Series #1

So you want to enjoy an evening hanging out with your buds playing fighter games and eating pizza, but they want to marathon their top ten cinema classics; happens all the time. Why not meet them halfway with a rousing game of Skullgirls? And, with these classy cinema-inspired posters lining the walls, your movie-buff brethren will feel right at home.

  • Posters are 13.5 inches by 20 inches
  • Sold individually or in a bundle of three.
  • Posters ship separately from and may arrive before or after other items in your order.
  • Posters designed by Lab Zero's very own Brady Hartel

"Skullgirls TM and (c) Autumn Games LLC.  All rights reserved.  Product shown manufactured and distributed by Sanshee under license."




Only left!