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Mystery Item

"What’s in the box? What’s in the box?"

Want awesome Sanshee stuff for dirt-cheap while helping us make room on the shelves for new designs? Well now’s your chance with the Amazing Incredible Sanshee Mystery Item!

But what's the catch? Well, you don't get to know what it is until it arrives.

What are you getting then? Well it could be lots of things: It could be t-shirt that we overstocked, a rare discontinued design, or it could be a necklace/set of pins that we used on display and couldn’t sell as new anymore. Heck, maybe we just don’t need that stapler any more. It’s completely random.

We can’t guarantee you’ll get that specific thing you had your eye on, but what we can guarantee is that each package will contain 100% organic locally sourced mystery, and isn’t that priceless in its own right?

Product Details

  • Though you'll always need to select a size, that does not guarantee receiving a shirt or apparel item.
  • Purchase of multiple mystery items may result in duplicates.
  • All sales final. There are no re-rolls in life, love, and mystery boxes.

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