Five Nights at Freddy's - Glamrock Freddy Collector's Plush

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Superstar, you’re still here!

Oh, you look much bigger now. I don’t think you can hide in my chest anymore, which is handy, because my chest cavity appears to be missing. Looks like I’m the one who’ll need your help now. Luckily, the security doors should be opening soon, you should still be able to get out of here, but then what am I going to do after you leave?

Come home with you? That sounds like fun. We could have a pizza party and then stay up all night talking, not because we’re being chased, but just because we want to! Yes, that sounds good. And maybe, just maybe, some of my friends could come home with us too? If they decide to be nice again, I mean. I think this sounds like a splendid plan indeed, Superstar. 

I’m so glad you found me, let’s go home.

Product Details

  • Limit of 4 per customer. Any orders over will be cancelled.
  • Gaming merchandise officially licensed by Scottgames.
  • Official Five Nights at Freddy's merchandise.
  • Approximately 13 inches tall when standing.
  • Approximately 11 inches tall when sitting.
  • Comes with a collector's card.
  • Also available as a collector's pin.


Design: Mark Laubenthal & Morton Wayman

© Scott Cawthon 2023

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