Mass Effect - N7 Elite Medal: Black Nickel

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Victory and Valor

Are you looking for a fashion-forward way to advertise to all you come across that you are the best humanity has? Trying to warn any intergalactic threats that you are proficient in Zero-G Operations and combat diving (among other things?) Then get yourself our Official Mass Effect N7 Elite Medal and make any giant mechanical space-squid think twice about crossing your path.

Product Details

  • Gaming merchandise officially licensed by BioWare and E.A.
  • Our updated N7 Elite Medal no longer comes with a case.
  • Approximately 3 inches tall by 1.75 inches wide.
  • Hard enamel pin with black nickel finish and layered ribbon.
  • Show your pride.


Updates: Tabitha Reed & Morton Wayman
Design: Amanda Flagg

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