Sanshee - Goodberry Juice Vintage Tee - Grape Flavor

Size: XS
Sale price€26,95


Recover with a refreshing grape flavor!

Running low on hit points? Feeling parched after a long day of slogging through forests filled with terrors and questionable characters selling questionable goods? Grab yourself a bottle of Goodberry Juice! Freshly squeezed upon summoning and bottled immediately for optimal potency. One sip will have you feeling better in no time.

Product Details.

  • Official Sanshee Originals merch.
  • Screen printed on an ultra soft, lightweight tri-blend tee.
  • Get your Goodberry Juice in classic flavor!
  • Drink within 24 hours. Kinda tastes like grape soda.


Designer: Erin Valtinson

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