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Whew! This week was pretty exciting. We got our feet wet with a little bit of Bioshock goodness and managed not to get mugged and by any tumor-riddled members of Rapture in the process! Not only that, but we discovered some pretty great stuff in the process and stuffed it to our new launches: the all new, super cute Chibi Kitty Splicer Pin, and very shiny (and bloodstain-free) Splicer Masquerade Pin Blind Boxes!

Early concepts for the Splicer Masquerade Blind Box collection and Chibi Kitty Splicer Pins
Early concepts of the new Splicer series.

Inspired by the once-sane inhabitants of Rapture, the Blind Box Masquerade series features the iconic filigree masks adorned during and after the events of the game’s civil war (not unlike our earlier Sander Cohen pin). The boxes themselves feature one of nine randomized designs, including three variations of rabbits, two cats, and four special designs based upon the Leadhead, Overseer and other splicers seen through the series.

The original Splicer masks, the inspiration behind our newest launch!

Now about the star attraction… The Chibi Kitty Splicer Pin! Yes, she is the true show-stealer here. Based on the rueful Baby Jane Splicer, our cute Kitty can be found hanging off all kinds of places. Your lapel, your bag, your ceiling just waiting for her next opportunity to show off her acting skills.

The actress-turned-mutant Baby Jane, the inspiration for the Chibi Kitty Splicer Pin.A Baby Jane Splicer, the inspiration behind the Chibi Kitty Splicer.

Both varieties are cast in hard enamel with high-quality silver, gold or black finishes and of course, our signature locking pin backs to ensure you will never lose one of your faves again. At least you don’t have to worry about one thing going missing if you get jumped by a group of ADAM-hungry fiends.

If you’re excited for these guys as we are, be sure to check out our newest Freebie Friday giveaway contest. By joining you have the opportunity to win up to THREE Masquerade Pin Blind Boxes and a Chibi Splicer Kitty Pin!

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