New Cullen Pin and Plush Re-Stock

Today we're launching our new Cullen Rutherford Collector's Pin. In order to celebrate its addition to our lovely pin family (and due to massive vocal demand,) we've decided to do a limited pre-order run for the Cullen Plush. Pre-Orders will go from today to September 9th.

We Will also have a bundle with both the Pin and the Plush for $34.99, which means you'll be getting the Pin for half-price.

In order for this to happen, we need to reach a minimum of 200 Plush pre-orders. If this goal isn't reached by September 9th, we'll be refunding and cancelling all pre-orders.

You can order and pre-order the pin, the plush, and the bundle as follows:

Cullen Collector's Pin -

Cullen Collector's Plush -

Pin and Plush Bundle -

As always, The Inquisition thanks you for your support!

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