Pre-orders are charged at the time of purchase, not when they’re shipped out.

Mixed Cart Warning

Please ensure that your cart contains only in-stock items OR only pre-order items. Orders containing pre-order and in-stock items in the same cart will not be eligible for check-out. To purchase both items, please place two separate orders. This helps us to ensure you receive your items as efficiently as possible.

Pre-order Ship Dates

Pre-order estimated dates will be posted on the respective product’s page. This estimation is when we expect the product to be ready to ship (not when it will arrive with the customer) and are subject to change.

Pre-order Delays

While we strive to post the most accurate shipping estimate, delays do occur from time to time. In those instances we will update the projected arrival times on the respective pre-ordered product’s page and/or email you with updates. In many cases these delays are completely out of our control, so we appreciate your patience whenever delays occur.

Pre-order Address Changes

With some pre-orders occurring over the span of several months, it is not uncommon for customers to move or change their address before it arrives. It is your responsibility to update us if there is a change of address and the cost of replacing/reshipping orders shipped to inaccurate addresses will come at your expense. If you want to change your address, please contact us as soon as you suspect there may be a change of address.

Pre-order Cancellations

Pre-orders can be canceled at up to 30 days after purchase for any reason. Please contact us as soon as possible to cancel your order for a full refund.*

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