Dragon Age - Grey Warden Crew Socks - Orlesian Indigo

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To Denis Narbonne, Castellan of the Palace of the Sun,

Well Denis, I’ll save you the trouble of saying “I told you so” (though you did): you were right, they said no. THEY SAID NO! Imagine it: Val Royeaux in a fervor over the approaching anniversary of Kordillus Drakon’s founding of the empire, and every city, town, and hamlet from here to Montsimmard festooned in purple… and the city’s Grey Wardens refusing to participate! I can scarcely believe it! The royal designer offers an entire complement of purple tunics, breeches, tabards, AND matching armor- and is refused? It flies in the face of good sense and good breeding, though I suppose that’s to be expected from an Order of cut-purses, ruffians, and hedge-mages.

I even brought samples, to give but a small example of how radiant they would look: stockings in a scintillating purple with a dashing griffon-and-chalice motif. They were GORGEOUS, and the Wardens looked like I’d dropped off a crate of manure! The captain tried to smile and gave me some line about “Grey Wardens are supposed to refrain from politics and so cannot, in good conscience, show such favoritism to the Orlesian Crown.” Then his lieutenant, a stony brute from the Anderfels, had the nerve to ask “why the stockings needed any designs at all -if they were just going under their armor- where nobody could see them. I was so mad I didn’t even mention how hard I’d worked to make them as comfortable as possible. Frankly, I hope the whole lot get blisters from now until the next Blight!

So yes, you did warn me, and I did not listen and have thus wasted my time on clothes that shall now go un-worn. In celebration of your wisdom, I have gifted you a crate of exceedingly comfortable, Grey Warden-themed stockings in imperial purple -which should be arriving just after you receive this letter- to do with as you wish. Sell them in the market or pad the throne with them for all I care. I just never want to see them again. Enjoy!

Your Friend (With Merciless Glee)

- Michel d’Aammartin

Product Details

  • Gaming merchandise officially licensed by BioWare and E.A.
  • Approximately fits men’s shoe 7-13 and women’s shoe 5-10.
  • This is a single batch product and will not be restocked.


Artwork: Chad Gowey

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