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The most huggable color.

Chickens ordered BEFORE April 12th, 2022 will ship with Batch 1 this summer. Orders placed AFTER the above date will receive Batch 2 of chickens coming this fall.

This item is currently on pre-order and excluded from flash sales. Any orders with this item will not ship until it has arrived. Please place separate orders if you wish to receive your other items before its arrival.

They say birds of a feather flock together though, in this case it might be more accurate to say that “birds of a feather smoosh together.” Either way, now you can continue gathering your flock of floofy fowl with our Brown Stardew Valley Chicken Pillow Plush! We’re not saying you should get enough of these plush to make a giant “nest” out of them, but you totally
could do that, you know, if you wanted.  

Product Details

  • Gaming merchandise officially licensed by ConcernedApe
  • Approximately 8 inches tall, 8 inches wide, and 9 inches long.
  • Extra soft and squishy for maximum huggability and cuteness.
  • This is a collector's item made for ages 14+ and not a toy.
  • Resembles a chicken named Goldie...
  • Comes in a Void, White and Blue variant!


Design: Stephanie Hays + Jeannie Lee

© 'Stardew Valley' is a trademark of ConcernedApe, LLC. All rights reserved.

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