Sanshee and 13AM Games Team Up!

SEATTLE, Washington - 1/25/16 Sanshee LLC, a videogame and anime merchandising company out of the Pacific Northwest has announced a partnership with 13AM Games, based out of Toronto, Canada. 13AM Games released Runbow, a party platformer that can support up to nine players on Nintendo Wii U on August 27th, 2015.  During 2015’s CVAs, Runbow was nominated for Game of the Year and Best Downloadable Game.

“We’re thrilled to be able to create merchandise for a game that we enjoy so much,” said Arthur Gibree, Sanshee’s Creative Director. “When we have office game days, Runbow is easily one of our favorite games to break out and introduce people to!”

Adding to the family of high quality, fan oriented gaming merchandise, Sanshee has released two different apparel items on its website inspired by the game. Featuring the bright colors that make Runbow so unique, Colors of the Runbow and Runbow Racing Tank, are available for purchase on Sanshee’s website. Additionally, they will be available at PAX South, an internet culture and gaming convention in San Antonio, Texas from January 29th-31st.

Information on Runbow is available at For information about Sanshee, please visit or contact Sarah Fetter (


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