A Very Sanshee Holiday!

A few weeks ago, Sanshee hosted Friendsgiving at our office and unsurprisingly, it was fantastic! We had over 30 people show up throughout the day/night and tons of new friends were made.

Once more, we’ll be opening our doors for the holidays: this time for a Christmas/holiday celebration.  On December 21st, from 3PM - 9PM, Sanshee will be open and we’d love for you to join us. Much like last time, we’ll likely have Yuri!!! On Ice with a side of Monster Factory, plenty of outlets for your DS or laptop and a ridiculous amount of food.

This is open to anyone who is local to Seattle or has the ability to be here on December 21st.



Sanshee is located at the Prudential Building: 114 Alaskan Way S, Ste 100, Seattle WA 98104.

Parking may be difficult due to our downtown location. There are parking lots in the area and there is street parking; if possible, come early to have a better chance at something close. We are a few blocks from the Pioneer Square Station, and even closer to the Seattle Ferry.



Our holiday party will start at 3PM PST on the 21st and end around 9PM, most likely. We’ll probably start dinner around 6PM or so.



Employees of Sanshee will be bringing a variety of foods. Depending on the number of RSVPs, there will be either turkey or ham, general holiday sides and dishes. If you are someone with dietary restrictions, please let us know in this Google doc. we will do our best to accommodate you.  Additionally, we will have a TV set up with movies and gaming.



This is an inclusive event. Sanshee will be providing nametags so you can write your preferred name on it, as well as preferred pronouns. We ask that everyone who attends this event is respectful of those who attend. We will need you to also fill out the Google doc with as many details as possible.



Yourself! You can bring others so long as it is written on the Google doc, so we know how many people to expect. We also ask that if you can bring a side of some kind; please feel free to and let us know in the doc what you may be bringing so we can plan accordingly. We understand if you’re unable to do so and will be providing food/drinks regardless of what is brought.



  1.    I don’t eat turkey or ham, what can I do? If you specify what dietary requirements you have, we are happy to accommodate as best as we can. Turkey or ham will be here, but we can also plan on other items for vegetarians, etc.
  2.    I don’t know anyone who will be attending! That’s fine! Most of Sanshee  will be there from before it starts until a little after it opens. We’ll have nametags and will likely set something up so you can find people who have the same interests as you, too. We will be going through and introducing people to each other if they would like, so no one feels uncomfortable.
  3.    I can only attend for a short amount of time! That’s fine! Some of us will be spending part of the day working or doing other things with friends and family elsewhere and joining later. Please feel free to drop by whenever you can.
  4.    I have a question not addressed here! Please feel free to email Sarah@sanshee.com with any questions that you may have regarding this. I’m happy to address anything that comes up.


Just like last time, we understand the holidays can be a stressful time, but hopefully we’re able to provide a day of fun and making new friends! We look forward to meeting those of you in the community through the coming year and hope that you and yours have a wonderful holiday season.

We hope to see you there!

Team Sanshee


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