December Color Me Sanshee Results!

First and foremost, great job to everyone who submitted coloring pages! Choosing just one Sanshee's Choice was painfully difficult, and we're sure our friends at BioWare had similar debates when making their selection. So thank you for all of your beautiful pictures, and a huge thanks to the wonderful  and the crew at BioWare!

And now our winners:

Random selection: @lieroftheshire (Tumblr)


Sanshee's Choice: @samazkma (Twitter)


Bioware's Choice: @yuuhiko (Twitter)


And because there were so many incredible entries that deserve recognition, here are a few more of our favorites!

 By @arisupaints (Instagram)

 By @GrimmSugar (Twitter)

 By  @yehudiah_chaalmelah (Instagram)

 By @deuil_jewel (Twitter)

Thank you again, everyone! We will be taking a short break from Color Me Sanshee and Sanshee Scribbles, but keep an eye on our Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr for future prompts and projects!



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