Mass Effect - Space Hamster Clear Enamel Pin

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Chief Corrugated Wood Pulp Disposal Officer

This may be difficult to believe, but there are some people in the Alliance military who can’t see the benefit of having Boo, our beloved Chief Corrugated Wood Pulp Disposal Officer, here on the Normandy. They’ve “suggested” that our dear friend be shipped to an animal shelter “for proper disposal.”

Obviously, that isn’t happening, and we’ve devised a way for us to show Alliance Command that we all stand united in defense of Boo. With help from Engineers Daniels and Daniels, Edi and Tali have made Space Hamster Pins that can be affixed to your uniforms.

Yeoman Chambers, while your plan to have Boo registered as the last of an endangered breed of “miniature giant space hamsters” is very… creative, it would also likely result in Command having an excuse to confiscate our little friend, so we’ll stick with the pins for the time being.

Anyone who’d like to show their support can pick their pins up in the crew lounge after mid-day mess today. Shepard out.

Product Details

  • Gaming merchandise officially licensed by BioWare and E.A.
  • Approximately 1.2 inches tall and 1.19 inches wide.
  • Hard enamel pin with clear enamel details and silver nickel finish.
  • Includes high-quality locking pin backs.
  • Get the matching tote here!
  • Go for the eyes, little guy!


Designer: Michael

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