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In addition to the below frequently asked questions, please be sure to read through our policies before placing an order with us! Questions about placing orders and the shipping process will be answered over there!


We understand that plans change, so please contact us and be sure to add your order confirmation number; we will be happy to help you!

To make a very long story short, manufacturing and shipping can be very difficult to predict as these things often travel by boats with varying schedules and unload times. All estimates for when a pre-order product will be ready/ship are subject to change based on changing circumstances (like a global pandemic slowing down supply chains, for example.) We will always do our best to get products to you as quickly as we can without sacrificing quality. The product page for a pre-order will always reflect the most accurate ship/arrival date we have.


If we made a mistake on your order: First of all, Sorry. Secondly: Please contact us, and we’ll work with you to fix it as soon as possible.

Worry not! If you made a mistake, we’re happy to help. Contact us and we’ll get it sorted. If you want to see our return policies in detail, check them out on our policy page.

Blind Box/Blind Bag items can only be returned or refunded in the case of defective items. That also goes for download codes. mystery items, promotion/contest items, and other items as noted on their product page.


Great question! Business days are Mondays through Fridays, except American holidays. Basically, if the post office is closed, so is shipping

Your order will usually be packed and shipped out within three business days of your order being confirmed during business hours. If you place an order on Friday night after we’ve closed, that could mean your order ships on the following Wednesday.  Additionally there can be delays due to high volume periods like holidays or other events like pandemics, snowstorms, and any other reason we might have to close the office for a brief period. We will always do our very best to get you your order as quickly and safely as we can, but these external factors can sometimes slow the process.

We’re based in the state of Washington, in the U.S.A., the farther away you are from there, the longer your order will take to arrive. Depending on the shipping option you select and barring unforeseen weather/general calamity, in the U.S. your orders will get to you in about 5 to 6 days at most. International orders can take up to three to four weeks (again depending on which shipping option you pick and barring unforeseen delays.)

The best thing to do first is to check with your neighbors, just in case the order got to one of them by mistake. Nine times out of ten, that’s what has happened in these situations. If not, the next place to check with is your local post office, in case it was misplaced or misdelivered. If neither of those options yields results, contact us, and we’ll help get it sorted.

Many countries charge fees/duties/taxes on merchandise that you import. This is, unfortunately, part and parcel of international shipping, and something we have no control over as it is between you and your government. We are also unable to mark orders as gifts as this is fraud. Please make sure you understand your local/national import/customs fees before placing your order to avoid unexpected hassle.

It is probably being held by customs, as many international orders require that import duties or customs fees be paid before delivery. Please contact your local post for more information.

It is probably being held by customs, as many international orders require that import duties or customs fees be paid before delivery. Please contact your local post for more information.

Posters and prints are often shipped separately from other merch to avoid damage during transport. If your order was split into two separate shipments, you should receive two separate shipping notifications/tracking numbers.


All of our measurements are taken with the clothes lying flat, not around the body.

They do not. Our printing is done with a quality screen printing method, which means the print is the same size regardless of what size garment you order.

Most of our pins/badges fasten with locking pin backs, which are the most secure option we’ve found so far. Some of our smaller or older pins still use rubber backs, where using locking ones would be impractical, as these tend to be more secure than butterfly clasps. 

It is in Jamaica, New York, where one of the US Customs Agencies is located. Depending on what country you live in, USPS tracking doesn’t always update once a package leaves the U.S. so it may say that for a while, but it’s definitely on the way!

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