• New Galactic Boyfriend Bundle!

    New Galactic Boyfriend Bundle!

    In Space, no one can hear you squeeeeeeee!

  • New Garrus Plush!

    New Garrus Plush

    Calibrating Cuddles.

  • New Catherine items!

    New Catherine items!

    Are you a sheep or a wolf in sheep's clothing?

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New Cullen Pin and Plush Re-Stock

August 08, 2018

Today we're launching our new Cullen Rutherford Collector's Pin. In order to celebrate its addition to our lovely pin family (and due to massive vocal demand,) we've decided to do a limited pre-order run for the Cullen Plush. Pre-Orders will go from today to September 9th.
Movin' Along.

February 05, 2018

Announcement time: We're moving.  It's a small move, but an important one.  In the next couple of months we'll be shifting operation across the sound from Seattle to Bremerton, WA....


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