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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do your shirt size charts work?

Our shirt size measurements are taken with the shirts laid out on a flat surface, not around the body.

Do the design prints scale with size?

No, the printing is done with a quality screen printing method, which means the print is the same size regardless of what size garment you purchase.

How do your pins and badges fasten?

They push into a rubber backer, which we find works better than butterfly clasps.  In the event a rubber backing becomes loose, you can CAREFULLY pierce a new hole above or below the old one with the pin. (Current Exception: Rapture Pins)

What is your jewelry made of?

Unless stated otherwise, earrings and necklace pendants are gold or silver-plated brass. Necklace chains are gold or silver-plated iron.

When are you guys going to launch/release [X]? You said it was going to be on xx/xx/xx.


I saw a product at a trade show and noticed it’s not online yet. Is it ever going to be online and if so, when?

With few exceptions, we like to have all our products available online. Most new products make their debuts at conventions and we try to have them online within a couple months. Sometimes it will be earlier and sometimes later, but we can’t usually give hard dates too far in advance because production schedules can change.

I ordered internationally and the tracking status says my package is in Jamaica. What’s going on?!

It’s not actually in the country of Jamaica; it’s in Jamaica, New York, which is where one of the US Customs agencies is located. Your package is making or has already made its way through US customs, and is on a magnificent journey across the sea/sky/land-border!

USPS tracking often does not update once your package leaves the United States, depending on the destination country.

I’m not from the United States and your site says I need to pay customs fees. Why?

We are required by law to declare all items going out of the country as merchandise, since we’re selling something to you. We have to simply describe what it is, and how much it costs to purchase.

Depending on where you live, you may be required by law to pay any duties/fees/taxes that your customs agency or local postal service requires in order to receive those items. We don’t know how much those fees may be, as they vary by country, region, or province, and unfortunately it’s not in our power to waive them.

Why can’t you just declare it as a gift?

You see, there’s this thing called “mail fraud”... It’s nothing personal. We’re sure you’re a sweetheart.

Why can’t you just pay the fee(s) for me?

Burden of paying import tax and customs fees falls to the importer. Again, nothing personal. We don’t make the rules.

I’m buying this as a gift for someone and they/we don’t live in the US. If I ship it to their address who pays the fee(s)?

Whoever the package is shipped to pays customs. We suggest sending the package to yourself and then to your giftee after the customs are paid, since we do not have a way to pay import fees ourselves.

Why can't I just pay the customs fees at checkout?

We are not authorized or equipped to charge or collect taxes on behalf of a foreign government.

I ordered a poster and [something else], why has the other part of my order not arrived yet?

Posters are often shipped separately from other merchandise to prevent damage during their journey.

I got a piece of jewelry and it's tarnished, or the plating is wearing off.

Be sure to keep the jewelry clean. Jewelry can react to people's skin differently, especially with continued wear, and the plating can wear off over time. If it happens especially quickly, for example if it arrives in that condition or the plating tarnishes or wears off within a week of you having it, click that "Contact & Support" button with your order number, name, and pictures of the damage if possible and we'll set up a replacement or refund if applicable.

How do I contact you?

Just by clicking that "Contact" button here on our website, you can reach out to us with any questions, concerns, or just to say hello! Or you can email us directly at!


Question not answered here? Check out our Shipping and Return Policy pages, or contact us directly with your questions and we'll be happy to help!