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In the summer of 2009 a group of friends from Worcester, Massachusetts decided to set up an artist alley table at a local anime convention. They spent the weekend geeking out at their 3-foot-wide table, selling a handful of t-shirts and buttons. They made just enough money to cover the cost of their hotel, table, and tab, but they loved every second of it and resolved to do it again.

This artist alley table populated by freshly graduated college students was the beginning of what would become Team Sanshee a few years later in 2012, growing from hobby to full-fledged company.  

Today, Sanshee is a premium brand merchandiser for the gaming, anime, and pop subcultures, providing officially licensed product lines for properties large and small to a community of fans across the globe. The team remains true to their roots by imbuing their genuine excitement, appreciation, and insight as fans and professionals into each Sanshee product, making it more than just a piece of merchandise, but the product of fans.



Executive and Creative Director

Creative and deeply passionate about the gaming/anime culture and community, Arty is a boundless force of excitement and ideas. He can be frequently found rattling off various musings to his coworkers, regardless of whether they asked him to or not. Arty’s infatuation with his work is interrupted only on rare occasion to go running, chase pugs, and talk nonsense at the otters at the aquarium, but it’s this level of enthusiasm and fervor that has been intrinsic to the Sanshee team for a while now, and will remain as a hallmark of the company long into the future.


Business Director

Steve is dedicated to building strong business relationships and even stronger biceps. This fusion of geek and gym can be best summarized by Steve’s two living role models: legendary game composer Nobuo Uematsu and Arnold Schwarzenegger. A lover of people, Steve excels at lifting spirits and, when necessary, furniture.


Operations Manager

Sarah, the stalwart anchor of the Sanshee team, spends her energies managing the many day-to-day operations, structures and employees of the company. Forever a people-person, Sarah is a beloved member of the team, and can seemingly summon up a following of new friends, Bioware fans, and cats at a moment’s notice. It is her methodical approach, good sense of humor, and intimate knowledge of the team that makes Sarah an absolutely brutal Cards Against Humanity opponent and treasured member of the team.


Event Manager

An avid enthusiast of a cornucopia of games, comics, and shows both common and obscure, Harris channels his passion and personality into his work. Always with a smile, Harris leads his coworkers in engaging the community, arranging the Sanshee convention presence, and occasionally a really good laugh.


Convention Lieutenant

It takes a lot of endurance and survival instinct to traverse the vast expanse of wilderness that is the Sanshee convention circuit, and Morgan has these in spades. An avid gamer, Morgan first encountered the Sanshee team in full Bioshock cosplay regalia, a fan before she joined on years later.

What kind of person willingly braves the untamed and unpredictable convention wilds? Freaking-Morgan, that’s who.  


Office Manager, Social Media Coordinator, Executive Assistant

You probably know Alisha as the sunny personality behind our social media accounts, where she makes posts, interacts with fans, and coordinates giveaways, product launches, and other events. She's also responsible for much of our behind-the-scenes operations, and keeps the company moving from behind her desk of plushes and Sailor Moon memorabilia.


Logistics Specialist & Fulfillment Coordinator

An avid fan and a long time friend of the company, Trevor volunteered his aid after Sanshee relocated to his fair city of Seattle in 2015. With admirable problem solving skills and enthusiasm, Trevor is always at the ready to take on whatever challenges confront him; no matter how big or small. Always excited to discuss fan theories or pick up and play a new game, Trevor’s love for gaming and anime runs deep, far, and pure, like a vast blue ocean or supersonic hedgehog.


Event Coordinator

Adrienne oversees a multitude of various logistics that go with attending conventions year round, all over the world. It sounds exciting, but mostly it involves a whole lot of spreadsheets. Passionate about video games and a relentless extrovert, Adrienne loves working hard to make sure her fellow fans get the best of Sanshee at our convention appearances.