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The Product of Fans

In the summer of 2009 a group of friends from Worcester, Massachusetts decided to set up an artist alley table at a local anime convention. They spent the weekend geeking out at their 3-foot-wide table, selling a handful of t-shirts and buttons. They made just enough money to cover the cost of their hotel, table, and tab, but they loved every second of it and resolved to do it again.

This artist alley table populated by freshly graduated college students was the beginning of what would become Team Sanshee a few years later in 2012, growing from hobby to full-fledged company.  

Today, Sanshee is a premium brand merchandiser for the gaming, anime, and pop subcultures, providing officially licensed product lines for properties large and small to a community of fans across the globe. The team remains true to their roots by imbuing their genuine excitement, appreciation, and insight as fans and professionals into each Sanshee product, making it more than just a piece of merchandise, but the product of fans.