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Trick or Treat!

We're just two weeks out from Halloween! The leaves are rapidly plummeting off trees, a chill has settled into the air, and our hearts of packed full of what else but sweet treats?! What, were you expecting us to say pumpkin spice?

This weekend, we've settled down with our awesome series and decided to take a look at some of the spookiest (and tastiest) things from our favorites!

First up this week, we have the cult steampunk classic, Bioshock! Known for its creepy character models and eerie environments, what better environment would make a better haunted house? From mutated Splicers, to the infamously aggressive Big Daddies, and of course the spooky-looking Little Sisters, Bioshock is the perfect series to put you in the mood for a little bit of creepiness!

If you're in the mood for something cute, you might want to check out the infamously difficult Catherine Full Body! Known for is mind-bending puzzles and psychological elements, you might run from the challenge before thinking of toiling with such a conniving blonde! Don't worry, Vincent will be right behind you. Or... Will his nightmares get the better of him? It is better to stand out from the crowd than be a sheep, right...?

And last but not least of course! After you've had the pants scared right off of you, and you've made it through the horrific wastelands of a decadent past, why not settle into something cute for a little while. Like Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion! I mean, Spooky is cute, right...? You might not agree after a few hundred rooms full of surprise jump scares and unseen terrors.

Now that we made it out alive, it's time to crawl back home and settle on in on this delicious Halloween candy. It's totally acceptable to eat an entire bag by yourself in 2020, right? ... Right?? Before the stomach ache, sugar crash and regrets settle in, don't forget to check out our socials for weekly giveaways, new product launches, silly shenanigans and more!

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Persona 3, Persona 4, and Catherine! Atlus merchandise now at Sanshee!

It is our immense honor here at Sanshee to be announcing the launch of our first wave of officially licensed merchandise for Catherine, Persona 3, and Persona 4. We are proud to be working in partnership with ATLUS, the Tokyo-based developer and publisher responsible for the creation of some of our most beloved games. Today marks the first day that these new collections will be available online in certain regions, with more exciting products expected to appear at Sanshee in the future.

Every product at Sanshee is made with the fans in mind; the creative process always begins and ends with the goal of producing what we, as fans, would be proud to wear and show off in celebration of our favorite games. We’re very excited to share with you this first look at our ATLUS product line, and hope that you enjoy the products as much as we do!



Stray Sheep Trivia Coaster Set: A set of four coasters complete with different alcohol trivia on the cork backing! Just, uh, remember to pace yourself. Vincent isn't exactly a role model, ya know.

The Ascent of Sheep Poster: A bold design of order and chaos and one man’s perilous ascent to the top.


Persona 3

Tartarus Shirt: With an eerie design printed on a premium quality tee, the Dark Hour has never looked so good.

Fool Arcana Spinning Necklace: Elegant and fun to spin! This fusion of fashion and subtle nerdiness could only come from the Velvet Room itself!

Arcana Card Art Coasters, Series 1: Our first set of Arcana tarot coasters, this set contains the beautiful art of Fool, Magician, and Priestess Arcana cards and one of the iconic card backing.


Persona 4

Yasogami High Shirt: Comfortable heather with bold front and shoulder patch printing makes this shirt perfect for hanging out and building social links!

Midnight Channel Spinning Necklace: Iconic yet effortlessly wearable, with multiple spinning parts, this is the best necklace you could equip yourself with for your next trip into the Midnight Channel!

Junes Shirt: Because every day is truly great when you're wearing Nanako and Teddie! Getting the jingle stuck in your head every time you glance at it is just an added bonus!

Chie and Tomoe Shirt: A bright design as striking as Chie. This boldly graphic design highlights the skill and energy that make her so lovable!


Working with ATLUS to make these new lines has been a dream come true for us, and we are excited to share our enthusiasm and love of these games with fellow fans through our quality merchandise. Stay tuned for more announcements and product launches as we release even more Persona 3, Persona 4, and Catherine products!


Sanshee is a Seattle-based video game, anime, and pop culture merchandise company. We pride ourselves on high quality products and our love for our fellow fans. In addition to our online store, we make appearances and sell our officially licensed merchandise at conventions.


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