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BioShock - Mr. Bubbles Collector's Plush

Your best friend in Rapture!

Do you need a knight in shining armor to escort you through the beautiful palace that is Rapture? Do you want a loyal companion, always at your side as you gather ADAM from the angels? Well, Mr. Bubbles is just the friend for you! Snuggly and kind, he's the perfect protector who you can always rely on!

Product Details

  • First in our series of official Bioshock Collector's Plushes.
  • The perfect size for hugs! Mr. Bubbles measures approximately 11 inches tall.
  • Comes with a special collector's card.


Direction: Arty Gibree
Concept Design: Ashley Swaby
Final Design: Laura Scoby
Edits: Chad Gowey

© 2002-2016, Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.

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