Stardew Valley - Blue Chicken Pillow Plush

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You know that feeling when you see a chicken, and you just think it's so cute you wish you could pick it up and give it a good squeeze? Your days of wishing have ended! Ultra soft, squishy, and (of course) cuddly, our Blue Chicken Pillow Plushes are perfect for relieving the stress after working a long shift cleaning toilets at JojaMart.

Product Details

  • Gaming merchandise officially licensed by ConcernedApe
  • Approximately 8 inches tall, 8 inches wide, and 9 inches long.
  • Extra soft and squishy for maximum huggability and cuteness.
  • This is a collector's item made for ages 14+ and not a toy.
  • Prefers bowls full of sweet yellow corn.
  • Comes in a Void, White and Brown variant!


Design: Stephanie Hays + Jeannie Lee

© 'Stardew Valley' is a trademark of ConcernedApe, LLC. All rights reserved.

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