Dragon Age - Inquisition Lanyard

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Fight in true Inquisition style.

“Recently, the inquisition has gotten reports of people claiming to be affiliated with us, then going on to rob unsuspecting people all across Ferelden and Orlais. To help combat this, we’ll be issuing official identification, as well as Inquisition Lanyards. Our mages, working with dwarven artificers, have created a water resistant sleeve to hold the identification cards we’ll be giving you. These should help keep them from getting lost, so please use them, because we can’t be making new cards every other day *COLE*. Please stop by Josephine’s office by the end of the week to get your card and have your likeness magically etched into it. We thank you for your cooperation, have a great day!”

Product Details

  • Gaming merchandise officially licensed by BioWare and E.A.
  • Lanyard is approximately 18 inches long, excluding ID holder.
  • Includes water-resistant sleeve and rubber accessory.


Artwork: Chad Gowey

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