Dragon Age - Grey Warden Heraldry Badge XL Pin

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The Badge Of Those Who Sacrifice.

Romanticized tales of the Blights are bandied about from Rivain to Orlais and everywhere in-between, but few know the true cost of defending the peoples of Thedas from the threat of Darkspawn. Few, that is, aside from The Grey Wardens. These warriors come from every walk of life, ready to lay down their lives to combat the threat of the Archdemons. Honor their sacrifice with our Official Dragon Age Grey Warden Heraldry Badge. Not only will it show your support for these brave souls, it’ll make any random darkspawn you encounter think twice about causing trouble, so get yours today!

Product Details

  • Gaming merchandise officially licensed by BioWare and E.A.
  • Approximately 2 inches tall by 1.74 inches wide. Roughly .25 inches thick.
  • Antique silver plated alloy material.
  • Includes high quality locking pin backs!
  • Slightly smaller but significantly heavier than the original for a more premium feel.


Concept Art and Design: Laura Scoby
Additional Rendering: Chad Gowey

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