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Nice addition to the plushie

My daughter wanted the plushie and got the pin too. She really likes both of them. The pin is well made and build to last.

Well Made

My daughter wanted this as soon as it when on pre-order. It is well made and the frog is especially cute.

He's a delight!

I absolutely love him and his little frog! He's soft and just the right size to wrap up in a hug or just rest your chin on while scrolling through your phone. He's my favorite little buddy to bring with me to work when I need a cuddle buddy to soothe my anxiety. (My students think he's cute- even if they find it silly I call him my husband.) I kind of wish there was a magnet in both hands, but it keeps his doofy little frog baby safe-- and help him stand upright on my windowsill when he stays home.

sebastian my beloved

he’s so cute i love him very much!! sebastian best boy <3


This pin of Sebastian is so kawaii!
Thank you !

Adventures of Sebby

From the basement to my bed and then to the top of my wardrobe. To keep him safe from my big orange British tabby who tried to eat Sebby ! Well made super cute, I love it! Magnetic frog is so awesome and well made ! Thank you!

Absolutely love Sanshee

Every single plush is honestly so well done i love them!

emo king

i love my little emo man <3

I was so excited to get the rabbit! It's very soft and seems well-made. I hope to get more one day.

Best boy

I love him. The magnet between him and his frog is remarkably powerful and provides a strong hold. The only issue I had was when he came in the box with a weird bit of what seemed like hardened hot glue on his hair, which was a bit frustrating as the rest of his hair was so soft, but I was able to take care of it with some small sharp scissors and being very careful - that's the only reason I gave 4 stars and not 5.

Love him!

He’s so cute and I absolutely love him. The quality is very good and bonus for the magnetic frog! He looks so perfect too. And the best part is he’s definitely huggable. Thank you very much!

so cute uwu

i’m in love with sebby and his detachable frog. i love sticking the frog to magnetic surfaces, i would literally die for plush sebastian

Just Perfect

A perfect little man. Flawless. his frog is also excellent. I keep him on my desk and he helps get me through the work week.

this is sebastian

he is my son

Perfect plush!

This plush of Sebastian and his little frog friend is absolutely adorable! It is well made and very soft. The magnetic attachment between the frog and Sebastian’s hand is very strong so he won’t go missing! 🐸 The colors used are perfect, definitely a must buy for any fans of our basement guy! 🖤☔️💧🍣

Amazing plush, 10/10

Very soft, great quality! Best husband but now in plushie form!

Love it!

Great plush, hope they make more for Stardew Valley!! (Hoping for Sam or Harvey hahaha)


He's just adorable!

Cuddle Science 101, Elcor entry.

My third MassEffect plushie, My Talking Elcor, is an adorable addition to our family!

If you've ever wanted an Elcor child who is well mannered, well dressed, and soft to the max (incredibly so!) , here you have one!

However, it might be time to get him adjusted to sleeping alone, as he can easily wake you up in the middle of the night with declarations of affection, or worry over the reapers lurking under the bed, should you share the bed with him.

For your elcor's comfort, I still recommend having big brother Grunt, or someone else strong and reliable looking after him during dark, stormy nights.

He stands balanced on his feet very well, and will enjoy looking on at your newest playthrough from the shelf without issue. For an elcor he is very affectionate and expressive as well! (That, or he's slowly teaching me the nuances of elcor speech. More research required on this subject.)

Persona 4 - Kanji Tatsumi Collector's Plush

Persona 4 - Kanji Tatsumi Collector's Pin

I love it

This item was a perfect addition to my small pin collection. The quality of this pin is great, and so the art style!
I will definitely buy more pins from Sanshee in the future.

Just like the photo

It's a very nice shirt. The fabric is very soft :)

Love it!

The necklace was a gift for my child and it's perfect! The item arrived very quickly and in excellent condition!

Lives up to the name!

The cutest carnivore really does look great on display, especially with the other pins! Very well made in my opinion. I just wish Chie's collector's plush would restock so I could have a matching pin and plush set!