Five Nights at Freddy's - Glamrock Chica Collector's Pin

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A New friend?! Are you lost? 

Don’t worry, Chica can help you find your way! I promise. We’ll have so much fun, and there’ll be pizza and cookies waiting for us later, too! Wait, where are you going??? Don’t run off on your own, you’ll get lost! Wait for me! I’ll help you out and then you can bring me home and we’ll have pizza parties and ice cream every day! It’ll be great! Awwww, you’re still hiding?? Well ok, I guess I’ll come find you…

Product Details

  • Gaming merchandise officially licensed by Scottgames.
  • Official Five Nights at Freddy's merchandise.
  • Approximately 1.31 inches tall and .97 inches wide.
  • Hard enamel pin with a black nickel metal finish.
  • Comes with locking pin backs!
  • Also comes as a Collector's Plush!


Design: Morton Wayman

© Scott Cawthon 2023

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