Five Nights At Freddy's - Restrooms Security Camera Lenticular Pin

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Why do they have cameras on the bathrooms?

“Now you may be asking yourself ‘why do they have cameras on the bathrooms?’ Well, I’ll tell you people get up to all sorts of mischief in there. Kids get hopped up on pizza, and candy, and cake, and go nuts: Leaving faucets running, throwing paper towels every which way, clogging up the plumbing for a laugh, happens all the time. We see someone coming out of there half-soaked and giggling, at least we can get the place cleaned up fast. No need to worry about it much after dark, of course. Don’t see what a bunch of puppets would need with a bathroom, after all, but the camera’s there all the same. Hopefully it helps you out, just in case…”

Take some of the fright home with our Five Night’s at Freddy’s Security Cam Bathroom Pin. Don’t look away for too long, or else…

Product Details

  • Gaming merchandise officially licensed by Scottgames.
  • Official Five Nights at Freddy's merchandise.
  • Approximately 1.05 inches tall and 1.73 inches wide.
  • Hard enamel pin with a lenticular screen.
  • Screen transitions between two images.
  • Includes high quality locking pin backs.


Concept: Erin Valtinson
Revisions: Jeannie Lee, Sabine Goebel

© Scott Cawthon 2023

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