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Happily: Hello, New Friend!

Watch the "My Talking Elcor" commercial!

Enthusiastic sales pitch: The hot new toy of 2183 is finally here.  From the creators of “My Little Krogan” and “Baby’s First Thresher Maw” comes the all new “My Talking Elcor” With several unique and deeply expressive phrases, “My Talking Elcor” voices a love greater than the gravity of Dekuuna and is scientifically engineered for maximum huggability and affection. Give your loved ones a gift that will make them jump up and down shouting, “Jubilantly: Yay.” Look for your very own “My Talking Elcor” at a Citadel-based retailer near you, or online at

My Talking Elcor says the following five unique lines:

  • Affectionately: I love you.
  • Uncontrollable Glee: Ha..Ha...that tickles.
  • Manipulative Begging: Can we go see Blasto 6....Pleeeeease.
  • Superstitious Fear: Can you check under the bed for Reapers. 
  • Continued Concern: Can you check the closet too.

Product Details

  • Plush is approximately 7 inches tall.
  • Batteries included! (Unzip the pouch at the bottom of the elcor and remove the tab from the pack, first.)
  • Official Mass Effect merchandise 


Designer: Ashley Swaby

Direction: Arty Gibree

©2021 Electronic Arts Inc. EA, the EA logo, Mass Effect, BioWare and the BioWare logo are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Cuddle Science 101, Elcor entry.

My third MassEffect plushie, My Talking Elcor, is an adorable addition to our family!

If you've ever wanted an Elcor child who is well mannered, well dressed, and soft to the max (incredibly so!) , here you have one!

However, it might be time to get him adjusted to sleeping alone, as he can easily wake you up in the middle of the night with declarations of affection, or worry over the reapers lurking under the bed, should you share the bed with him.

For your elcor's comfort, I still recommend having big brother Grunt, or someone else strong and reliable looking after him during dark, stormy nights.

He stands balanced on his feet very well, and will enjoy looking on at your newest playthrough from the shelf without issue. For an elcor he is very affectionate and expressive as well! (That, or he's slowly teaching me the nuances of elcor speech. More research required on this subject.)

Talking Elcor is perfect

I bought this as a gift for my girlfriend and she absolutely loves. One of the cutest things to come from the Mass Effect series.

Cute and adorable

The plush is wonderfully designed. Love the detail and soft fabric. The only bit of a letdown is the so-so quality of the voice box. I have the singing Mordin - who sounds great! - so it was a disappointment to have the elcor sound mediocre.


Mass Effect - My Talking Elcor Plush

Hard to understand

I like the product just fine, but the phrases he says when squeezed are really.hard to understand. Very muffled and granulated.

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