Persona 5 - Ms. Kawakami’s Maid Service Enamel Pin


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It’s certainly a pleasure to see you again!

Hello Master, it’s certainly a pleasure to see you again! What can I do for you today? Clean your room? Consider it done. Make you dinner and coffee? I have to make my own dinner anyway, so cooking a little extra for you will be no trouble at all! Do your laundry? Why certainly! I couldn’t let you go around wearing dirty clothes, after all. What would people think?. Help get you out of math class tomorrow? How about all of them? I can write a note saying you’re not feeling well to get you out of class tomorrow. Trust me, I can make it sound very official. And you’d like me to what? Craft tools to help you infiltrate the meta-verse and fight shadows while changing people’s hearts? Well of course I will. I can’t risk those nasty shadows harming my beloved master, after all. What’s that? ‘What can you do for me?’ Silly master, you already do everything you need to do just by being you. ‘You insist?’ Well, if you really want to do something nice for me master, could you wear this pin for me? That way whenever anyone sees how happy and well cared-for you look, they’ll know it was all because of Kawakami Maid Service!

Product Details

  • Gaming merchandise officially licensed by Atlus.
  • Pin is approximately .7 in wide and 1.20 in tall.
  • Gold-plated nickel pin with hard enamel fill.
  • Includes high quality locking pin backs!


Design: Morton Wayman

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