Persona 5 - Ms. Kawakami’s Maid Service Uniform Keychain


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Progress has Been Maid!

There you are, I was wondering what was taking so long. Look, I know I said I’d only do your chores and you wouldn’t get any special treatment, but I noticed that your keys are loose and you keep misplacing them, so I got you this. Yes, it’s a keychain and YES, I know it looks like my “uniform.” I didn’t do it for any particular reason, don’t be ridiculous. Just don’t tell anyone else where you got it, ok? AND GET THAT DOPEY LOOK OFF OF YOUR FACE!

Product Details

  • Gaming merchandise officially licensed by Atlus.
  • Maid Uniform is is approximately 3 in wide and 3in tall.
  • Keychain is approximately 5 inches in length including clasp and chain.
  • Heart-shaped clasp and strawberry charm feature gold colored nickel.

Design: Morton Wayman

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