Rain World - Glowing Green Lizard Plush

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Rain World can be a treacherous place...

Full of all manner of dangers for an innocent Slugcat, and some of the most dangerous predators in this intricate ecosystem are the various breeds of lizard.  Lately however, There have been sightings of docile, cuddlier versions of green lizards throughout the habitats that make up rainworld. These new variants of green lizards have a softer, shorter, less sinuous body, and a much less angular head, giving them an overall squishier appearance. They’ve also been seen giving off a phosphorescent glow in the dark, to aid in their nighttime wandering.

As noted earlier, their behavior is markedly less aggressive than previously documented green lizards, as well as exhibiting increased sociability. Taking these traits into account, along with past instances of more aggressive green lizards being tamed, there is significant hope that these lizards could be domesticated as friendly companions. 

So far, only variants of the green lizard have been observed with these behavioral differences. And while it stands to reason that there may well be less hostile versions of the other denizens of Rain World, the hypothesis remains as yet unproven. We will continue observation, both to expand and deepen our understanding of these creatures, and hopefully observe new ones.

Product Details

  • Gaming merchandise officially licensed by Videocult and Akupara Games.
  • This is a collector's item made for ages 14+ and not a toy.
  • Approximately 13 inches long from snoot to tail.
  • Glows in the dark after charging in the light!
  • May or may not attempt to eat your slugpups.


Design: Jaime Ugarte

© Rain World and the Slugcat character are registered trademarks of Videocult LLC, all rights reserved.

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