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New Shipping Option

We know our international customers have been asking for faster, more reliable shipping options, and we are happy to announce that we're now offering DHL Express Worldwide Shipping.

For the next week, December 8th through Midnight on December 15th, all purchases of $60 or more will get 25% off their entire order with the code DHLinternational.  So stock up while you can!

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Happy Pride Month! Celebrate with us with pins and parades!

Here at Sanshee we’re excited about June for a few reasons. One, of course, is that the weather is slowly clearing up - there’s sun during the day, longer hours, and the ice cream shop is open down the way for mid-day ice cream. Second, and more importantly, is that June is Pride Month across the country. While not officially recognized everywhere, it’s a part of the lives of much of Sanshee’s staff and this year, we wanted to do something a little more than just celebrate on our own.

In 2017, we’ve shifted our focus to try and reach out to local communities and support them where we can. We’ve done sales and charity events to benefit AbleGamers, ACLU, Seattle Animal Shelter and more. This month, we wanted to focus on something else that’s important to us and what better time to do so than Pride?

 Up for preorder today is a pin designed by Chad Gowey, with a portion of every sale going to Gay City: Seattle's LGBTQ center! 

It is a pre-order item with a minimum goal of 200 units; if we are unable to reach this goal, the pins will not go into production and all pre-orders will be refunded, so we hope you'll take the opportunity to pre-order and tell your friends!

Another way we want to try and be more involved with the community is the Seattle Pride Parade. In the past, members of Sanshee staff have attended Pride on their own, but this year one of the things that we felt important was going a step further. We’re proud to announce that Sanshee is participating in Seattle’s Parade on Sunday, June 25th at 11AM. We’ll be marching in the parade for the entirety of the day and then out and about in downtown Seattle for all the fun that Pride has to offer.

If you’ve ever been to any of our events - Friendsgiving, Christmas, or movie/TV watch days, or simply would like to come march in the parade with us, we welcome you. There are only ten spots in the parade available and it will likely require some time commitment on your part, but if you’re interested in participating, please email and we will try to work with you on it.

We also recognize that some members of the community may not be able to physically march with us due to distance, or disabilities. Unfortunately, parades aren’t always the easiest thing to participate in and while there is no easy answer, Sanshee would like to include as many people as possible in whatever capacity we can. If you’re unable to participate in the parade but would still like to support in some way, please email for coordination.

We’d be happy to have folks who are local help decorate signs and tshirts and whatever else we might have. Additionally, we’d love to have a blog post after Pride listing all of the names of folks who might not have been able to participate in the marching but still supported us during it. If that is something you would be interested in, please email for coordinating that as well!

If you’re local to Seattle, please consider taking a look at all the cool Pride events happening throughout the month. Here’s a link to Seattle’s Pride calendar. We encourage you to check out any events that might be happening in your areas, too!

From all of us at Sanshee, we wish you a happy Pride!

Two years working with FNAF! We're celebrating with one of our biggest sales yet!


With this month marking the anniversary of working officially with Scott Cawthon and Five Nights at Freddy’s, we wanted to take a moment to bust out the party decorations, order up some pizzas, and celebrate.

There is no simple way to describe the outpouring of support we’ve seen from the FNAF community over these past two years and what that means to us.It's hard to fully express what it means to be a part of this community, whether it’s the joy of hearing a fan’s excitement on seeing their first Foxy plush or the fun of dissecting fan theories with customers at the Sanshee booth. I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve been pulled aside on the street by someone who notices the Freddy shirt I was wearing or the pride I feel when watching a video of a customer meticulously unboxing our latest plush. From reading your comments online to opening up our mailbox and finding a hand-drawn piece of fan-mail, it’s incredible how much your words of support have had an impact on us and we can’t thank you enough. Since our beginnings we have always held to the goal of making things of quality and passion, and to see that appreciated as it has with the Five Nights at Freddy’s community means the world to us.

It has truly been a pleasure to share with you all the past two years of Five Nights at Freddy’s and we’re looking forward to many more.

Please enjoy the celebration and maybe a slice of pizza! Dig in and let’s eat!


Founder and Creative Director
January 05, 2016

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Dota 2 Line, Now On Steam Workshop!

If you want some quality Dota 2 merchandise, look no further! Now on Steam Workshop, we're showing off an exciting line we've been designing for the iconic MOBA. Click here to check out the full line!

Be sure to leave a rating if you like what you see! If we get enough interest from the fans, we may be able to make these cool designs available for purchase.

November 17, 2015

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Shipping Delays, Please Read!

Hey there!

You may have noticed a change in the orange notification bar at the top of Previously it stated we were expecting shipping delays until November 18th, but we now expect the shipping delays to last a bit longer.

We know a lot of you are excited to receive your orders soon, so we have all all hands on deck packaging and shipping various plushes and products! That being said, this is still a larger than normal volume of orders, so we expect it to take a little longer.

Our standing goal is still to get them all shipped out this week, but some of you may be getting your shipment notifications as late as next week. We're hard at work doing what we can to make sure your orders leave Sanshee HQ as fast as humanly possible, and we appreciate your patience.

That said, if you're looking to start making orders to get them in time for holiday gift-giving, we do recommend making those sooner than later. We promise you that your orders will go out as quickly as we can possibly send them.

Thank you!

Freddy Wave 2!

Timing is everything and sometimes two great things happening at the same time can be, well, a tad inconvenient. Needless to say, when wave 2 of Freddy plushes arrived at our office in the midst of our PAX Prime preparations we were presented with two options:

-Keep people waiting for wave 2.


-Launch wave two during a period where our shipping room is currently closed.

Obviously both those options have their downside, so giving that a great deal of thought, we’ve decided to open up wave 2, but in “preorder” status with processing estimated to begin on September 10th date and running until all the orders are shipped.

This will allow us to begin shipping once we’ve returned to our regular office hours, but not keep customers waiting faint of breath wondering when you’ll get your opportunity to buy one.

To summarize:

-Yes, wave two of Freddy is in stock and ready for purchase, but it will not ship immediately due to our shipping room currently being closed.

-We are expecting to begin shipping on the 10th or 11th of September, which gives us time to recover from PAX and to catch up on orders.

-We will have a limited stock of our Freddy plushes available at PAX Prime if you are attending. Feel free to come by and say hi.
August 25, 2015

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PAX Prime 2015 and Shipping Delays

PAX Prime is just days away, and Team Sanshee is hard at work making preparations! We've got a lot of treats for attendees this weekend that we're sure you'll enjoy, so be sure to swing by and grab yourself some merch!

But for those of you at home, or planning on making online orders, be advised that the mailroom will be closed and no online orders will be sent out from August 28 - September 1 and orders may see processing delays of five to ten business days as a result.

Thank you for your patience! We look forward to seeing you at the show!

August 07, 2015

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Grand Opening Causes Shipping Delays [08-07-2015]

Let me be the first to thank you all for your support over the last couple days. We’re really glad to see everyone enjoying the new

That being said, our grand opening sale combined with the orders of FNAF Freddy Plushes has caused a higher than normal volume of orders and will result in shipping delays of up to an additional 5-10 business days. This means it might take 5-10 additional business days for your product to be packaged up and leave Sanshee HQ, after which it will still take the regular amount of delivery time.

We greatly appreciate your patience in this busy time, and we will be doing our best to ensure your orders are on their way to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to you receiving your order. Please enjoy this picture of this Freddy plush celebration bear in the meantime.

Thanks for bearing with us.

In the Interest of Being Fair [Freddy Plush Launch] is currently undergoing a DNS transition. To make a long story short, this means some of you get this website you’re reading now and the others are getting our old website (In which case you are definitely not reading this.) We expect the transition will be complete by tomorrow, but because this will prevent some people from accessing our newer products, we have decided to hold off on launching the Freddy plush until tomorrow. While it was our goal to launch them today, we have decided that we want to give all of our fans a fair chance to get them. In the meantime, we still have some other fantastic and new official FNAF designs here.

We will also be extending our grand opening sale to Wednesday the 12th to give anybody who was set-back as a result of the DNS transition.

As a reminder: Freddy plushes will be released in two waves, so if you do not get one in this first wave, do not be discouraged. We are projecting 2-3 weeks between waves.

Welcome to the New

It’s not every day that a company gets to re-envision itself, but after expending a great deal of blood, sweat, tears, and more blood, we are happy to unveil the new and improved

While this is immensely proud milestone for us here, I can assure you it is but the first of many great milestones ahead of us. So, while the new offers a variety of new features, there will be more to come.

New Sanshee offers a way more simplified and streamlined experience, but here are just a few features for our customers.

  • Improved Navigation: With improved sorting and searching, finding what you’re looking for easier than ever!
  • Combo items: Now certain items will be bundled together and offered at discount.
  • Improved Sizing Information: Our sizing charts now provide more details to help you get into the right fit.
  • Restocking notifications: Are we out of stock in something your heart desperately desires? Want to know when it’s back? Well, now out of stock items will present an email field. You can input your email there and our system will notify you when the item is back in stock! This will be a vast improvement over the previously used messenger ravens.
  • More Options at Checkout: In addition to being streamlined. The checkout process will now offer more shipping and payment options. Including carriers such as UPS. As a note, we will be phasing out Paypal as an option in the following months.
  • Mailing Lists: Sign up for updates, sales, and coupon codes! Never again will you miss out on a new Sanshee product only to arrive at the store once the shelves are empty.
  • Improved Customer Service Functions: New features such as a persistent contact button, updated FAQ, and global/sale notification banner will help make your Sanshee shopping experience better than ever before!

There is still much more to come for and we appreciate your understanding and help in making this the best site it can be. If you notice any issues or bugs, or have any suggestions do not hesitate to contact us.

 Now that's out of the way, let's get to the fun part...

The Sanshee Grand Reopening Event!!!

What's the point of getting a big makeover if you don't strut it at a big red carpet event? Right?! So we're throwing the biggest launch event to date! Here's what we got in store for you for the week up until August 8th.


We've got a bunch of your old favorites on sale at 10-50% off. Take a look around, hopefully that shirt you've been coveting for a while now is one of them!

Daily Social Media Give-a-ways

Each weekday we'll be hosting different themed give-aways on our Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to follow us and keep an eye out for your chance to win!

Attack of the Mystery Clones!

If you thought our patented Amazing Incredible Mystery Item was already a good deal, well it just got two times better! For the duration of the event, you'll get double the value for free! 

3x Mystery Women's Shirts

To show our appreciation for anyone who likes women's tees out there, a special mystery box has been made featuring three women's sized shirts for $12.99, that's $4.33 per shirt. That's a fraction of the regular price but with all that same succulent pan-seared Sanshee quality!

New Items

If that wasn't enough. We're taking this opportunity to bust out the doors and launch some new products.