Timing is everything and sometimes two great things happening at the same time can be, well, a tad inconvenient. Needless to say, when wave 2 of Freddy plushes arrived at our office in the midst of our PAX Prime preparations we were presented with two options:

-Keep people waiting for wave 2.


-Launch wave two during a period where our shipping room is currently closed.

Obviously both those options have their downside, so giving that a great deal of thought, we’ve decided to open up wave 2, but in “preorder” status with processing estimated to begin on September 10th date and running until all the orders are shipped.

This will allow us to begin shipping once we’ve returned to our regular office hours, but not keep customers waiting faint of breath wondering when you’ll get your opportunity to buy one.

To summarize:

-Yes, wave two of Freddy is in stock and ready for purchase, but it will not ship immediately due to our shipping room currently being closed.

-We are expecting to begin shipping on the 10th or 11th of September, which gives us time to recover from PAX and to catch up on orders.

-We will have a limited stock of our Freddy plushes available at PAX Prime if you are attending. Feel free to come by and say hi.
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