Sand for Breakfast, Lunch and DESERT!

Today we're going to dig deep and talk about one of our favorite sandboxes! Is this too punny already? Don't worry, we'll be sure to mine-d our own business with the jokes soon enough.

This week we launched our second officially licensed Terraria biome pin! Taking our adventurous spirits to the lands of sands, scorpions and mummies, the Desert Biome Pin is full of fun surprises!

Dawn your armor and gather your sword, dear players! The desert biome is a treacherous environment sparse in water and plentiful in sand and enemies. Featuring a vulture and antlion peeking from one of the many mine holes scattered throughout these biomes, even the most skilled players need to watch out! 

Once you've made it through the barren sand lands, you'll find yourself in brighter spirits within the a forest biome if you're lucky! As the first biome players often encounter in the game, it was the perfect place for us to begin our collection. Whether you're fighting slimes in search of the illusive King Slime or just farming materials, it's a beautiful place with a lot to offer.

Now once you've beaten all the bosses and survived every biome you can possibly find, what better challenge than collecting all the jars within the game? We took that challenge upon ourselves this summer and introduced our In-A-Jar Blind Bag pins! There are still a few left, so don't miss the chance at finding yourself a glow in the dark star, or maybe even a fart!

Now that you've made it through two biomes, we'd recommend to take the time to prepare for the next one! What will it be? Who knows! Well, we know, but we're not telling quite yet. While you're here, don't forget to check out the rest of our Officially Licensed Terraria Collection, and follow us on our socials for weekly updates, blogs and giveaways!
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