A Happy Nugsgiving For All

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King Nug - Dragon Age: Inquisition - Descent

Greetings All, and welcome to another Sanshee Update. Thanksgiving fast approaches, and while this year is set to be a rather unique Holiday Season, there's always something to be thankful for. This year, we thought we'd celebrate with Thedas' King of Cute Cuisine: The Noble Nug. So gather round as we look at some different ways to enjoy this traditional dwarven dish.


We've never made any Nug dishes before, so while we know that there are dozens of available recipes for how to prepare them, we decided it would be best to stick with the most common ones for ease of use. First on the list were Nug pancakes, a delightful morning treat that's sure to give you enough energy to take on a blight (if need be.) Unfortunately, we when tried to stack the nugs up, the just kept moving and snuffling around, squeaking all the while, though they did seem to enjoy the maple-butter we'd made. It was pretty cute, if we're being honest

Next on the list were of course Nug-gets, which we were told are a big hit with youngsters and other notoriously picky eaters. Unfortunately, we encountered similar problems from our last dish: Namely, that the nugs themselves wouldn't stay still, and managed to eat all of the dipping sauces we'd prepared. 

Undaunted, we looked up the recipe for seared Nug in cream sauce with deep mushrooms, but we were a little worried the nugs would burn themselves on the hot metal, so we... wait, what? We're supposed to be eating the NUGS? Oh, uh, wow. OK well, we're... not going to do that. I mean, they're waaaaay too cute to eat. Plus, have you seen Battle Bugs?

Yea, there's no way we want one of these bad boys coming after us, which is definitely what will happen if they hear we've been chowing down on their cute little cousins. I think we'll stick with cuddling them instead, and we recommend you do the same. If you need your own cuddly little friend, be sure to check out re-stocked Emerald Graves Nugs, sure to keep you company through this holiday and many more to come!

From all of here at Sanshee, we hope you have a safe, happy, and healthy holiday with all your adorable little friends!




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