Great Days Ahead At AX

Well Friends, yet another 4th of July is almost upon us, and we’re celebrating the best way we know how: At a Japanese Anime Convention °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° Yes, we’re heading back to Los Angeles for another Anime Expo and we’re laden with precious products for your perusal:

Don’t Sit Too Close…

Normally, when you’re talking about getting a new TV you’re concerned about things like size, image quality, built in apps, etc. not whether they’ll show you a glimpse into a realm of demons that may attack and possess you, but Junes has always been on the cutting edge of new technolo… oh, wait, you don’t want to fight any shadows? Oh, uhh, well then, not to worry! Our P4 Midnight Channel Lenticular Pins will show you Inaba’s coolest crime-solvers and their (even cooler looking) shadow forms with absolutely no danger of getting sucked into the Midnight Channel yourself. We told you: Cutting. Edge. Though, maybe don’t stare into them for too long, ok?

And Don’t Look Twice

Unless, of course, you’re brave enough. Because with our Doki Doki Literature Club Window Lenticular Pins, you may just end up seeing a side of your friends that you weren’t expecting. Of course, if you’re going to find your way to the best ending, bravery may just be necessary. And hey, what better way to conquer your fear than a pin featuring your best friends from Literature Club? 

Carry Me Home

“WAIT” we hear you saying “How am I going to carry all this cool new merch? Do you have a stylish, yet functional bag in which to store all this cool stuff? ” And lucky for you, the answer to that question is: Tote-ally! With our lovely P4 Junes Tote Bag, you’ll always be prepared to carry home all the great products you pick up at your local Junes. And don’t worry, you can use it to carry things from other places, too (if you must.) 

And Last, But Not Least

Well, you’ve got new Pins, and a cool new tote to carry it in, but if you’re still hungry for more, we’ve still got a host of items from plush, to stickers, and even lanyards to keep your I.D. safe (and show off some cool swag at the same time.) From Stardew, to Terraria, and much, much more.  With all this to help celebrate, We can all but guarantee that at this year’s Anime Expo, every day will be GREAT!


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