The Splash Zone

Get your swimsuits ready, friends, because we’re splashing our way back to ColossalCon! That’s right, your friendly neighborhood nerd-mart will be making waves at Sandusky’s premiere summertime gathering once more. If you’ve never had the pleasure of attending ColossalCon before, it’s held at the Kalahari Resort and Conference Center, featuring a full indoor water park! 

Yes, you heard correctly, a full indoor water park. And what better way to prepare for a weekend full of waves than with our stunning array of tank-tops, perfectly designed to keep you cool when things get a little too hot. Whether it’s Persona, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, or our delightful Sanshee Original apparel, we’ve got all kinds of options to keep you cool while looking cool for any sunny scenario. Personally, I think our Tsun-Dairy Tank is a perfect sweet treat to beat the heat.

Of course, with all that water, you’ll need a way to keep your stuff dry and secure. Thankfully, we have several totes and lanyards ready and waiting to keep your valuable safe cannonballs, corkscrews, and high-dives alike. So flip on your flip-flops and floaties and we’ll see you at the wave pool!


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