How It's Made: FNAF Edition!

For many years, Sanshee plush have been a big hit with fans across many spectrums, especially our Five Nights at Freddy's Collector's Plushes!  We know these guys have been a fan-favorite for a long time, so we strive for the best quality possible. Because of that, we wanted to show you a little bit from behind the scenes here at Sanshee.

Did you know our plush are all made by hand? Our FNAF plush start their life in bits and pieces. Much like their suits, each piece of our favorite band comes together one bit at a time. From the production of their stitched eyes to their (horrifyingly) deflated bodies before they're stuffed with humans--we mean fluff! Definitely fluff and not people... Each detail is done with care to assure that no matter when you ordered your plush, so long as it came from us, you know it will be the very best it can be!

We're so grateful to our plush crafters and all the hard work they've been doing with us during the pandemic. COVID has been a struggle for everyone involved in our circle, but despite it all their care and effort into creating each and every plush has never once wavered.  Making hundreds of FNAF plush and Sebastians from Stardew Valley, to our Black Kaddis Mabari and Tali. It is no easy feat and we are lucky that we have found a dedicated group of individuals that can uphold the quality we are known for. We're excited for what the future holds for our partnership as we continue to work on new and exciting things for the year ahead.

Take a peek at the creation process below to see their hard work in action!


Eyes are assembled bit by bit, just waiting to be popped into the awaiting heads of their plush.


Plush, such as Mr. Cupcake here, are inverted while stitched together to assure for a neat and tidy appearance. Can't forget those magnets either!


Once their details and stitching are all completed, the bodies of the plush are inverted where they await their stuffing! These guys are truly living up to their horror origins at this state in their production...


Last but not least, your favorite band members are stuffed, stitched and given a few final looks and details before they wait for the great journey to arrive for their next gig!
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