Celebrate the Cuddliest Month of Them All...  NUGTOBER!

Meet The Newest Member of the DA Plush Family!:

     The Emerald Graves are home to all manner of creature, abominable and adorable alike, but all pale before the s-nug-gliest of them all, the new Emerald Graves Nug!

New Romance Tarot Coaster Set:

The air may be cooling as fall creeps in, but our newest coaster set will help keep things piping-hot.  Six new coasters featuring the Romance Cards for Solas, Cassandra, Dorian, Iron Bull, Blackwall, and Sera will make sure your tables stay dry.  ***Internet arguments about which romance is best not included***

But Wait, There's More!

To help celebrate the newest additions to our DA collection, we’re offering a slew of deals on our existing DA merchandise:

50% off our current line-up of DA plushies (just in case you needed one more reason to stock-up)

50% off our Grey Warden socks.  You can’t expect to fight Darkspawn if your feet are cold.  Luckily, these socks will keep your toes toasty while helping to keep even the most determined Darkspawn at bay.

75% off our Inquisition scarf: Did we mention it’s getting cold? Keep yourself warm and be the most dashing rogue (or warrior, or mage) around Skyhold, with our deluxe Inquisition scarf.  Guaranteed to warm necks and hearts alike!

50% off Inquisitor Sigil Necklace: Speaking of necks, make sure no one questions the allegiance of yours, with this tasteful Inquisitor Sigil.  Get it as a  lovely gift for your most stalwart companions, or a little treat for yourself.

25% off Grey Warden Infinity Scarf: Seriously though, necks are important.  They have arteries and stuff, and they hold up your head, which is why Darkspawn so often target them.  Now I know what you’re thinking "I’d love to protect myself better, but armor is clunky and limits my movement, not to mention it’s hardly suited for social occasions.”  Well, worry not!  Our Grey Warden Infinity Scarf will protect your throat from all manner of unsavory threats, all while keeping it classy AND super-light.  

*Nug Bundle: To top it all off, we’ve got an extra special deal - A Nug-tastic bundle featuring all three nugs! Yes that’s right, even the Golden Nug (normally a con exclusive) is included in the bundle! *Limit 100 Bundles. Only available during the Sale*


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