Who's Bringing S'mores?

Hello Again Sanshee Campers! Who’s ready for summer time fun? I know I am! I’ve got bug spray, bear spray, a collapsible shovel, my wearable sleepi- what? It’s indoors? Oh, well, alright, I guess I don’t need all of this spray, the- what? It’s not actually camp at all? It’s RTX?? Oh thank goodness! Look, going to camp is great and all, but the bug bites and-errr, anyway, RTX is this weekend!

Yes, come join us at the Austin Convention Center from Friday July 7th to Sunday July 9th to enjoy the nerdiest camp you’re ever likely to see! And of course, we’ll be there slinging all your favorites like Five Night’s At Freddy’s, Stardew Valley, Terraria, and more! And while we’re on the subject of favorites, we have to take a moment here and point out some of the best mascots we’ve ever seen (THEY”RE SO CUTE!!!) 

Alright, sorry, now that that’s out of the way: come on down to Austin and hang out with us while picking up some of the best pins, plush, apparel, and other sundries you’re ever likely to come across, no bear or bug spray required (seriously, leave it at home.) See you there!


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