Terrific Twelve!


Terraria turns twelve today! Where does the time go??? Before we settle in to enjoy adventuring, breaking, and crafting our way through the world, we wanted to show you the cool new stuff we’ve prepared to celebrate. So sit down, get comfy, and prepare to be wowed.

A Regal Occasion 

Everyone’s talking about royalty and coronations and we know why: We were keeping it quiet to respect their privacy, but they’re finally ready to make their debut so we’re beyond delighted to present their Royal Highnesses the King Slime & Queen Slime Pillow Plush. Twelve may be the silk anniversary, but we think the amazingly soft velveteen of these premium pillow plush is an even better gift!  Now, at last, this delightfully dynastic duo can rule over their wobbly subjects together, as they were always meant to do.


That’s Why It’s Called “The Present”

What’s a birthday without gifts? I mean, we know the best part of any anniversary are the memories of the good times we’ve had together, but the second best part has got to be gifts, right? That’s why, to commemorate this duodecimal debut, we’ve got a special surprise: The first 300 people to order either The King or Queen Slime Pillow Plush will receive our King Slime Anniversary Pin at no extra charge!* These special pins will not be made again, so this is your best chance to own this rare item, so don’t miss out on that precious slime cake, get yours today! (Both Plush and the anniversary pin are pre-order items. The Anniversary pin will arrive with the Slime Queen Plush. Please check the Slime Queen Product Page for current release date info.) 

And Many More… 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little celebration of Terraria’s terrific twelfth birthday, and that we’ve given you new ways to enjoy this game we all love so much, as well as a little more joy to collect for yourselves. Now blow out the candles, grab a slice of cake, and get back to your adventure. We’ll see you right back here next year for lucky number Thirteen!


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