First off, thank you! We’ve been trying something a little different the last few months by focusing more on letting you pre-order our new items online, and the results have been amazing!

We’re hearing from you in the development phases of our product creation more than ever before, getting feedback on what you like, what you look forward to next, and how much of a demand there is for all our latest ideas. This means that new products are being designed faster, which means even more cool stuff for you! It also means we’re making enough for everyone, and not seeing the issues we’ve had in the past of limited-run items being understocked. The pre-order system is helping us produce more new products than ever before, and we truly couldn’t be happier with the results.

Our latest pre-order is the new Gold Ita-Bag, a product designed with your direct feedback in mind. It’s beautiful, universal for any fandom, and features improvements that you the fans asked for. Production will begin once we hit 200 pre-orders, and based on the success of the Galaxy Ita-Bag, we’re confident we’ll hit that. But by putting a minimum number of pre-orders needed, we can be sure that we’re still on the same page as you and making the kind of high-quality merch fans actually want.

Pre-orders have been vital in helping us know what’s important to you, and how much of any given item we should make. As we use our pre-order system to determine what we produce, please understand that also means we’re only going to make stuff we know you want, and we won’t produce high quantities if pre-order numbers indicate there’s no interest. If there’s something you want, it’s important that you pre-order, because otherwise there’s no guarantees you’ll be able to get one later!

Thank you for helping us make the kind of merch that you’re excited to own and show off to your friends. With your feedback and support, there's even more great stuff to come!


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