Movin' Along.

Announcement time: We're moving.  It's a small move, but an important one.  In the next couple of months we'll be shifting operation across the sound from Seattle to Bremerton, WA.

The last three years have been great, and Seattle has been a wonderful home for us, but as we look into the future, we need a place that would give us room to grow and evolve.

Our new location in Bremerton not only gives us a new, bigger space to grow into, but an excellent location in Downtown Bremerton, surrounded on all sides by lovingly nerd-run businesses.  All we need to do now is prepare move and THAT, dear friends, is where you come in.

In order to pare down our stock before we settle in to our new base, we're having one mother of a moving sale.  Pins, posters, plushes, glass-ware, scarves, socks, jewelry, and more, and some of them have some very deep discounts.

So help us help you help us move by taking this opportunity to stock up on all that Sanshee gear you've had your eye on (and telling your friends to do the same!)



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