It's too dangerous without a sword. But I like your sense of adventure.

If didn't happen to hear the leagues of happy fans screaming with joy, a cry that would signal only one thing to any Stardew fan, well don't worry! We'll let you in on the know: We released a Sebastian Collector's Plush for preorder this week! YAY! Everyone's favorite emo boy is sure to be blushing over all this positive attention.

But what about Abby and Shane?! Don't worry guys! We'll cover them, too! So what do you say we sit down with some friends and talk about all the things we love about a few of Stardew's memorable romance options?


  1. She is a true goth icon. From her love of crystals, pumpkins and the occult, there's no end to her "strange hobbies" as her mother calls them. We'd be down for visiting a graveyard or two with this cool girl!
  2. Hunger levels approaching critical! Do you ever like something so much that you just want to eat it? You'd be great friends with Abby! Just make sure to have a good dental plan lined up...
  3. Despite her mother's disapproval, we think all her side hobbies and talents are really cool! From drumming in Sebastian's band to playing the flute, Abby always stays true to her own beat and we really appreciate that about her.


  1. Loving pizza and beer the way he does, he sounds like a fun guy to hang out with on a casual Friday night after work at Jojamart. After you've gotten past the unpleasant wall, that is.
  2. His love of chickens is so wholesome. Who could resist someone who would start their life over as a chicken farmer?
  3. We like to think he could hold his own on an episode of Hot Ones with his love of hot peppers. Or maybe he would like our spicy pepper pin?


  1. His love of video games, comics and generally most things nerdy make him a perfect fit for us at Sanshee!
  2. He's a deep thinker. While some consider it a bit creepy, who hasn't pondered the meaning of life this year? He'd be interesting to sit down and have a conversation with on philosophy.
  3. He's genuinely relatable. From the possible depression and social anxiety, to the frustration that others don't take his programming job seriously, we like to see diversity and realism that bring characters like him to life.

Oh crap, now we want to go play the game again! Who will we romance this time? Who knows! Maybe Elliot? Maybe Emily? Or maybe we will choose the same character every time. If you want to bring home your very own love interest, check out the links below! And don't forget to follow our socials for giveaways, product launches and more fun shenanigans! 

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