Less Talking, More Hitting!

Settle in around the fire, get your tankard ready and find your nearest axe to break open a cask of ale while we discuss the Qunari that inspired one of our most popular product lines. The Iron Bull himself. Written with a level of detail that Bioware is known for and voiced by none other than Freddie Prince Jr., his character is as large as he is. Charismatic and witty, it’s hard not to enjoy Bull the same way it’s hard not to enjoy Wrex or Garrus of Mass Effect series. He’ll keep your spirits up, your glass full and your attention rapt with countless stories of his exploits on and off the battlefield. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of our favorite things about THE Iron Bull.

  1. He’s just a mindless weapon. And he likes it that way.
  2. The man’s got the coolest gang this side of Thedas. Complete with a Mage--er--Archer!
  3. He’s got pillowy man-bosoms.

  4. He can whisper sweet nothings to you in Qunlat. And a few other things in common tongue.
  5. Candied nuts? He loves ‘em. They’ve got this… Spice!
  6. Oh, and also abs you can wail on with your nearest two-by-four. Or is it a stick? Does it even hurt?

  7. His ancestors might have hooked up with dragons.
  8. His soul might be dust, but it’s nothing compared to the other guy.
  9. He can blush, even at that altitude.
  10. Also, he's a secret softy.

Speaking of soft, don’t forget. The Bull’s Chargers tanks and tees are back in stock until they’re gone! You may not be able to ride the Bull, but you can ride out the rest of the summer looking like someone who knows how to get the job done. There’s even a shiny pin. It may not be pink, but it’s pretty.

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