N7 Day 2022

Remember, Remember...

Good Morning Citadel Shoppers! N7 Day approaches once again, and we’ve worked closely with crew members and The Citadel Council to bring you some lovely new products to help commemorate the Normandy’s adventures across the galaxy.

Elite ID Protection

First up, we have a lanyard honoring Commander Shepherd’s status as an N7 Operative. The Citadel (understandably) makes a big deal about Spectre status, but without the skills learned as an N7, Shepard likely wouldn’t have survived their first sortie against rogue Spectre Saren Arterius. According to official Systems Alliance training material “weapons and allies can be lost, but training is always with you." In that same spirit, we’ve put together an official N7 Lanyard, to help you hang on to the things you need to keep with you. Featuring a water-resistant sleeve perfectly sized for identification or loose credit chits, this simple-yet-handsome piece will keep your items safe and close at hand, whenever you need them.

Hot And Spicy

Of course, having allies with you is always preferable, and we’d be remiss to forget some of the more “colorful” adventures that the Normandy’s crew have taken part in around The Citadel. Of particular note was a wild romp with the young Krogan warrior “Grunt”, whose love of Noodles (and mayhem) gave C-Sec a night they’ll never forget. Now, wanton property destruction is rarely a good thing, but thankfully no one was seriously harmed, and even the C-Sec officers involved admitted (off the record) that it was one of the funniest cases they’ve ever seen. So don’t be afraid to show Grunt (and the great restaurants available here on The Citadel) your support with our official Krogan Noodle House T-shirt, Tank, and Pin. Whether you want to be loud and proud with your love of hot, savory, perfectly seasoned carbs, or you want to be a little more subtle, we’ve got you covered!

Boo Season Isn't Over Yet

On the subject of allies, while crewmates and squad mates are always great to have, sometimes just having a loyal, loveable pet is enough to help ease the stress of a long day of combatting extinction-level threats. It’s well-known that Commander Shepard is a fan of exotic fish (several of which he obtained right here at Citadel Souvenirs!) But did you know that the Normandy is also home to a lively little Hamster (adorably) named “Boo?” (coincidentally *also* purchased here at Citadel Souvenirs!) Now you can help honor the Normandy’s “Chief Corrugated Wood Pulp Disposal Officer” with our official Space Hamster Hanger Tote Bag and Pin! The pin serves as a subtle reminder that the contributions of our animal companions shouldn’t be forgotten, and trust us, you’ll be glad to have the tote bag to help you carry all the outstanding items we have for you today. Though if the utility of the bag isn’t enough, we’re delighted to report that the tote is collapsible and hidden in a plush space hamster whose cuteness can only be described as “squee-inducing.”

Anything For The Right Price

No heroes can be heroes without antagonists. The Reapers are the stuff of nightmares and, frankly, the less said about the organization known as Cerberus, the better. We do know, however, that Shepard and their crew have gone up against not one, not two, but all three of the galaxy’s major mercenary groups. The Bloodpack, Eclipse, and the Blue Suns all tangled with Shepard before doing their part to combat The Reapers, and we’re honoring their grit with official merc merch in the form of new pins and stickers. (Side-note: please do not use the stickers on any surfaces within the presidium, the council tends to get ornery about that.)

Soft, Relaxing, Skull-Receptacle 

Now after a long day of enjoying the sights, sounds, and souvenirs on The Citadel, no one will blame you for wanting to kick up your feet and rest your head. But what to rest it on? Well, worry not, because our official Hanar Pillow Plush is ready and waiting to cradle your cranium after a hard day’s work. 

Memories To Last A Lifetime

Last, but certainly not least, we have for you some of our very own official Citadel Souvenirs memorabilia.  If the Space Hamster Tote wasn’t enough to haul your treasure trove back home, we have a lovely Citadel Souvenirs Canvas Tote Bag to help carry anything you pick up on your visit. And we can’t forget one of our very favorite items, our Citadel Tourism Poster. Commemorate your trip to the beating of the galaxy and make any space a little bit more grand, You’ll feel like you’re here again every time you see it!

We hope you’re as excited about these new offerings as we are, and we can’t wait for you to get them in your hands. You can find us in the Presidium or, if you can’t make it here in person, feel free to peruse our extranet store for these or any of our other items. Hope to see you soon!


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