Terminus Expeditions Inc.: Mercenary Organizations Special Report

Greetings Galactic Travelers!

We here at Terminus Expeditions Incorporated are just as excited for you to start your whirlwind tour of the Terminus Systems as you are! Our vessel will be arriving shortly, but before we embark on our adventure, we feel it prudent to offer you information on some of the more, um... colorful organizations you might encounter in our little corner of space, so here’s a breakdown of the main forces operating in the area:

Firstly, the Blood Pack! Founded by exiled Krogan Battlemaster Ganar Wrang, this, uh, lively bunch hosts some of the most spirited cooperation between Krogan and Vorcha that the galaxy has ever seen! And we wouldn’t dare forget to mention the varren that often accompany these bands, and neither should you! (Seriously, look out for them, those teeth are pretty sharp.) This group is pretty rambunctious at the best of times, so we’d recommend staying out of their way if possible.

Next up, we’ve got The Blue Suns. Under the visionary leadership of Solem Del’Sarah this private security company has grown into the system spanning force it is today! Known for both their efficiency and effectiveness (and in some cases, their ruthlessness) The Blue Suns don’t mess around when it comes to getting the job done!

And last, but certainly not least, there is The Eclipse Corporation. Founded by former Asari Commando Jona Sederis, Eclipse is who you turn to when you want tactical and strategic superiority, enhanced with the most cutting edge tech. Their business has been a huge boon to the entire sector (and frankly, the rumors that they own a controlling share in T.E.I and are using it in some kind of smuggling operation are simply ludicrous. Best not to repeat them. To anyone. Ever.)

Well that wraps up our little overview. We Hope that you enjoy your time here! We’re also legally required to inform you that by leaving this vessel you agree that Terminus Expeditions Incorporated is not at fault for any injuries sustained or personal property lost while in the Terminus Systems. All Rights Reserved.

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