Garrus and Elcor Plush Preorders

HOORAY! Two of our long-awaited plushes are at last getting restocked! Now we know there may be some questions out there, so those of us here at Sanshee have taken some time to try and cover the bases for you!  Check out our Q&A below for more details.

Q: When will these Plushies Ship?

A: The Garrus Collector's Plush have already been made and are expected to ship alongside the Mordin Collector's Plush around the end of the month (late September-early October.) Both will be arriving together from their vacation across the ocean. The My Talking Elcor plushes are currently expected to arrive by late October. He needed some extra R&R.

Q: Does this mean I could also order your new Hanar Hanger Plush with them? Can I do that? Please?

A: You can absolutely combine your preorder with the Hanar Hanger plush, however this will delay the arrival of your Hanar, as you will then have to wait for the arrival of either Garrus, Mordin or the Elcor.

Q:  But I already preordered a Mordin Solus plush and I want one (or both!) of these plushes! What can I do?

A: If you have already preordered Mordin and would like to combine your order with a Garrus or an Elcor, please contact us at and we will help you do that with a song in our hearts (probably this one.)

Q: I moved, but my order still has my old address, what should I do?

A: Easy! If you need to modify your address, you can also reach out to with your current address and help you get it sorted out!

Q: I cannot purchase one right now, will supplies be limited?

A: Most our preorders are done in advance of production so we can accurately account for everyone who places an order. But with all the Covid-related delays happening, we felt it was important to get these into production immediately. This unfortunately means stock will be limited. It is highly unlikely we will be able to restock these before the holidays if they run out due to production time with Covid, so if you're planning to get one of these as a gift, preordering is advised.

Q: What If I’m not able to order one in time, will there be a restock?

A: There are a lot of factors that go into whether or not a product gets a restock, but plush that have voice boxes are more difficult to restock than others, so there's a good chance this will be the last Elcor and Mordin order for a while. We also want to make room for new plush of other characters, so while restocks aren't completely off the table, they are less likely than in previous years. 

Q: Other characters? Did you say other characters?? You did! Does that mean you’ll be making a Collector's Plush of other Mass Effect characters?

A: That's the plan! Sign up to our email list and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more Sanshee updates.


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