Team Sanshee Loves Cats!


Today was a very special day at Seattle City Hall. For just a few hours, people waited in line across the lower level of the building for the chance to play with kittens in an annual Seattle Animal Shelter event called Kitty Hall. Team Sanshee was part of that crowd, with the entire office taking a field trip to join in the fun.

While most of us here already have too many cats to adopt another, we still want to help. And, if you love animals as much as we do, we figured maybe you'd like to as well! That's why 5% of our total sales on Friday, August 26 will be donated to the Seattle Animal Shelter!

If you've had your eyes on some merch, tomorrow will be the perfect day to get it! 5% of Friday purchases will go toward the cats, dogs, and other lovable critters at the Seattle Animal Shelter.!


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