Rain World - Survivor Marshmallow Mini Pin

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It’s never a bad time for treats.

As the Gourmand will likely tell you, it’s never a bad time for treats, and we’re doubling down on deliciousness with our official Rain World Slugmallow Mini Pins. Take a peep at these precious little pups, who stand ready to add a little bit of candy cuteness to any item they adorn. Just remember that no matter how sweet they look, these pups were made for Rain World, and they’re every bit as tough as their larger kin (so please don’t try to eat them, it won't end well for anybody.)

Product Details

  • Gaming merchandise officially licensed by VideoCult and Akupara Games.
  • Color-coated soft enamel mini pin with a rubber pin backing.
  • Marshmallow is approximately .79 inches wide and .6 inches high.
  • Slug? Or cat?? Or... Marshmallow?!


    Design: Tabitha Reed

    © Rain World and the Slugcat character are registered trademarks of Videocult LLC, all rights reserved.

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